I'm Mira, 19. tv shows has ruined my life. supernatural, twd, breaking bad, actors and movies.and this blog is like 90% misha collins atm, sorry

i'll be back soon!
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let it go;

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Seriously. Stop it, Hannibal.

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I don't know where I belong // I don't know where I went wrong 

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Sam Winchester + being grossly adorable in season four


I owe you more than you can imagine.

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The French Mistake commentary

Bob Singer: Misha is great in this episode. The Misha persona he’s playing is not actually the real Misha persona. Him going back and forth between character and this thing he created as Misha is really terrific.

Ben Edlund: He was really, really enthusiastic to kind of warp the perception of him. There’s one moment in here where he actually pushes away an assistant and I kind of wish I pushed that a little bit more, like it was his idea and I think it works really well. He was really enthusiastic which was great. 

Bob Singer: Yeah, we were worried about shooting ourselves in the foot and Misha was ready to shoot himself in the brain.

Ben Edlund: [laughing] He was loading six guns at once.

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This is what Hunter!Cas looks like to me: straight up Philip Marlowe, with an extra side of sass

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